Peter Blackmore
Peter Blackmore - Encaustic Artist based in Revelstoke, BC

Hello my name is Peter Blackmore and I have lived in Revelstoke BC since 2009.
My art journey started when I was 50, I volunteer at the community art gallery where I have been part of the hanging crew for ten years.
My encaustic art began while I was working at a local sawmill and I gathered up discarded fluorescent crayons from off the floor…that ignited the waxy fun. The type of art I do is with a torch and an iron, and encaustic medium
(beeswax, damar resin and coloured pigments).
I melt the wax based medium onto various types of supports,
fusing each layer to make one.
Encaustic art has been practiced for around 2000 years.
The term comes from the Greek “enkaustikos” which means to burn in.
I passionately love the medium,
its movement and the unexpected keep me coming back for more.

Encaustic Demo at the BC Forestry Museum during "Woodstoke" - Revelstoke, BC